The liquid component dosing system is designed to prepare, accumulate and dose liquid components in production plants. The system is designed to work as part of an automatic line, which includes equipment for making pre-dough and equipment for preparing dough.

The system includes the following components:

  • Tanks for dissolving and preparing liquids and suspensions.
  • Tanks for the accumulation and dosing of solutions and suspensions (yeast, malt extract, ammonium salt, invert syrup).
  • Tanks for preparation of recipe mixtures on strain gauges.
  • Pumps for pumping recipe mixtures.
  • Magnetic separators for filtering and demagnetization with a mesh.
  • A system of unheated product pipelines with controlled valves for pumping the product from the preparation tanks into the holding and dosing tanks and supplying dosed portions of the mixture to the equipment for dough preparation.
  • Piping system for technological and recipe water supply.
  • Flowmeters.
  • Frame construction for mounting containers, the placement and maintenance of tanks.
  • PLC with touchscreen to confirm the dosage of the recipe mixture, located on the equipment for dough preparation.
  • Margarine dosing tanks on strain gauges.
  • Mixer rotation frequency is regulated.
  • Adjustable temperature in jacketed tanks.
  • Independent heating system.
  • Wide range of tanks operating capacity.
  • Tanks are insulated.
  • Level control is achieved through sensors.
  • Control panel Siemens with touch screen and recipe storage capability.
  • Possibility of having two technological processes simultaneously.
  • High-quality materials and components.

Technological process description

  • The first stage is loading into the first group of tanks, where ingredients are either dissolved or mixed depending on a recipe.
  • Then products go into buffer tanks for accumulation to reach a required volume.
  • Finally, due to precise tensometric sensors they are being dosed via electromagnetic valves into the last group of tanks where partially or in one go they are being fed by pumps further downstream equipment (to a mixer or etc.).


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