Strila Candy

Automatic line for manufacturing candy “Strila”

Technical Specification

Peshcherin Food Processing provides not only single-piece equipment, but rather complete technological lines for manufacturing high-quality products:

Automatic line for manufacturing candy “Strila”

One of the oldest and most loved candies among consumers from post-Soviet countries is undoubtedly “Strila”. All because of its delicious taste, exquisite look and high quality. Its name derives from its distinctive foiled cone shape which resembles an arrowhead.

Peshcherin company is offering a complete line for manufacturing Strila candies not only to Ukraine, but also abroad.

The line basically consists of

  • A special device is rolling round pieces of foil, which are then placed into special holes of a slat-type conveyor.
  • The foil cone is then automatically filled with melted chocolate by the first head.
  • The holders tilt over and pour out chocolate
  • The holders proceed to the cooling tunnel, where the chocolate layer inside foil cones is getting solid, after which they tilt over once again.
  • The second head is filling with a brandy-flavoured cream filling (although some manufacturers use fruit flavorings), which is extremely soft at room temperature.
  • The third head is sealing its wide end with a thick piece of chocolate and the confection is decorated according to the manufacturer’s taste.
  • Finally the finished product is resting in the cooling tunnel.

The product capacity varies depending on the product dimensions and weight and is between 30 up 100 kg/hour.

Our technical team ensure smooth and timely installation and commissioning, which allows to use the line to its fullest with the maximum profitability for the client. As well as training for factory staff in order to ensure a correct and safe handling of the machinery. And due to our spare parts department, you will always be provided with all the necessary components and details of high quality, whenever required.

The purchase of the complete line will not only allow you to produce a high-quality product at a competitive price, but also provides you with a considerable discount comparing to buying one item separately.