Enrobing machine of PROFI series differs with its technological and technical features and a scope of supply for operations on high-speed lines using natural chocolate with high percentage of cocoa butter or enrobing on the basis of fats-equivalents. Model range consists of machines with belt width from 620 mm up to 1500 mm and a possibility of operation on the speed of up to 20 m/min.

Enrobers are designed for operating on production lines to perform a wide range of tasks for enrobing various products with chocolate, which is based either on compound or cocoa butter.

The machine is completely executed in stainless steel in order to meet the hygienic standards and has an easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Like the STANDARD one, PROFI series’ enrobers have a moveable vessel, but it is also two-zoned and withdrawable from both sides.

Top quality of enrobing process in being ensured by double station of top enrobing by double curtain with the ability to control both in the vertical and to control the first one in longitudinal directions, bottom enrobing drum with frequency adjustable drive and the ability to reverse, high-performance double blower, smoothing roller, the vibrating section and the reversible de-tail unit with the direct drive.

It is controlled via a color touch screen panel of operator on the swing arm, has three levels of access of the personnel and enables to store in its memory up to 100 recipes.

The modular design of the machine allows the customer to be able to fit it with additional options, such as: integrated decorator, the second bottom covering station, product overturning device etc.

As in each and every equipment of “PESHCHERIN” manufacturing, enrobers are executed by means of high-quality materials and using components of leading European manufactures.