The fat-melting machine with independent heating PLF is designed for plastification of hard blocks (fat, butter, chocolate coating) and their storage at a set temperature for further use in technological process.

The machine itself is a heated tank, which is divided by the horizontal tube sheet into two parts: – a feed chamber (upper) and a bath (underside). The machine has two heating circuits, the first circuit – a melting grid, the second circuit – heating of collection bath. The collection bath is a half of a horizontal cylinder with its transition into a rectangular shape in the upper part of the bath. On the outer side of the bath there is an installed heat exchanger for heating and maintenance of a product temperature. The feed chamber, rectangular in shape, is located in the upper part of the machine, above the melting grid. The chamber is heat insulated and has an insulated cover, which is opened downward and is used as a receiving table.

The machine is equipped with two heating units for two circuits, for separate heating of the melting grid and the bath; a control panel, which automatically regulates a set temperature in the heating circuits.

The machine is made completely of stainless steel AISI 304.

Brief technical specification:

  • The maximum recommended temperature
    of a heat transfer medium for a tube sheet
    to ensure technological process:                              +70 – + 75°С
  • The maximum recommended temperature
    of a heat transfer medium for the bath:                 + 55°С.
  • Outlet fitting for mass unloading:                           DN65

Operation conditions:

  • heated premises                      15-35°С,
  • humidity                                  75%