Our company pays great attention to a quality of product and to obtain it very important is cooling. Proper cooling of chocolate products gives glossy surface, taste and long shelf life.
Our model range consists of variety of cooling tunnels with standard belt width 420, 620, 820, 1050, 1300 and 1500 mm. The length of the tunnel is performed refrigeration based on customer requirements.


  • Cooling system execution: compressor-condenser system (freon) or external chiller (glycol/brine coolant)
  • Can be equipped with bottom cooling panels (pillow plates) for additional increase of cooling power
  • Three types of execution:
  • Profi (complete stainless steel execution)
  • Standard (stainless steel covers and table; frame and legs are made from painted steel)
  • Basic (plastic covers; stainless steel table; frame and legs are made from painted steel)
  • Three types of modes:
  • Convection (Profi, Standard and Basic)
  • Static (radiation) (Profi, Standard)
  • Combined (Profi, Standard)

High-quality materials and components.