Specifically designed for chocolate masses based on cocoa butter or equivalents for production of confectioneries in the composition of the production lines.

The model range consists of the machines with capacity of 250 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 750 kg/h, 1000 kg/h and 1500 kg/h.

The machine itself is the disk heat exchanger of the continuous type. The standard version of the machine has three independent tempering zones and additional zone used to keep the specified temperature in the feeding pipe.

The machines with a capacity starting from 500 kg/h have an additional zone to stabilize the temperature of the product before the beginning of the tempering process.

The execution in stainless steel including tempering discs.

During the production process only high-quality components from leading European manufacturers are used.

As the result:

  • short cooling time,
  • glossy finish products,
  • good texture of chocolate,
  • crisp break,
  • long preservation of quality.


1. Chocolate tank

2. Main feeding pump

3. Tempering machine

4. Enrobing machine

4.1 Enrobing pump

4.2. Circulation pump