BASIC enrobing machine is featured for operation in small production lines.

Technical Specification

Model range consists of machines with belt width from 300 mm up to 620 mm and a possibility of operation on the speed of up to 3 m/min.

In order to meet the hygienic standards, all parts of the machine, which are in contact with product, are made of stainless steel.

To provide easy access for maintenance and cleaning the enrober has an easy movable transporting conveyor.

The enrober is equipped with system of height adjustable top covering with double curtains. Bottom enrobing is performed by a rotating drum with a system of adjusting the level of wave, blower, vibrator, bottom smoothing roller, high speed detailer and function of memorizing recipes.

The machine can be delivered with a changeable decorator instead of an enrobing head. Chocolate enrobing head could be replaced with decorator (delivered on request).

It is also possible to install an optional chocolate tempering unit.

As in each and every equipment of “PESHCHERIN” manufacturing, enrobers are executed by means of high-quality materials and using components of leading European manufactures.