• Convection, radiation, bottom, combined

cooling modes

• Air drying, defrosting, special solutions, all other possibilities

• Water cooled bottom plates (pillow plates)

• Perfect insulation and tightness sealing

• Easy cleaning

Cooling is essential when you wish to obtain a high-quality product, therefore our company pays a lot of attention to this. Proper cooling of chocolate products results in a glossy surface, excellent taste and long shelf life.

Our product range includes a variety of cooling tunnels with 420, 620, 820,1050, 1300 and 1500 mm standard belt widths. The length of the refrigeration tunnel is made according to the customer's requirements. Excellent product cooling quality is provided by the high accuracy of temperature control in the chamber and the presence of three temperature zones of cooling. The modular design offers high usage flexibility of the cooling tunnel and the possibility to change its construction in the future.

The use of modern refrigeration units from European manufacturers allows obtaining high efficiency and economy. It is possible to operate both on a standard unit using a refrigeration compressor and an evaporator inside the cooler, or on an external source with cold water. The customer can choose the most convenient execution and location of units to obtain the most optimal and cost-effective operation of the cooling tunnel.

The cooling tunnels can have any conveyor width and can be equipped with either a conveyor belt or a conveyor net, modular belt, chains based on the customer's requirements.





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