Peshcherin Food Processing manufactures starch moulding lines. Our lines are designed for the production of single and double layer jelly, fondant and liqueur sweets with the moulding of bodies in starch. Our line's productivity starts from 500 kg/h and it is controlled via a PLC with a touchscreen panel.

The line includes a two-header moulding machine with a starch tray filling system and a stamping unit. The stamp for defining the shape of the candy is designed to form cells in the starch. The stamp is made of materials which prevent starch adhesion.

Peshcherin Food Processing has the capacity and skills to develop and manufacture stamps in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.

Each of the moulding heads of the depositor has the ability to fill 20 cells with starch. Due to the possibility of dividing the volume of the working bins of the heads, it is possible to simultaneously produce two types of sweets along the line width.

Our lines consist of the following:

• Kitchen for mass preparation

• Mogul machine (pictured)

• Stamping device complete with stamps

• 2 stainless steel moulding heads with a water jacketed hopper

• 10 pistons for mass moulding

• Cooling paternoster

• Product blowing device after starch

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