Peshcherin Food Processing manufactures automated lines for making peanut and multigrain bars.

The lines feature a set of tanks for cooking and buffering, pumps and piping and our top quality inclined conveyors to transport the product through the line.

Also, if the client wishes so, Peshcherin Food Processing can additionally manufacture a device for infliction of crosscut notches on the product.

The operator panel with touch screen control allows adjusting the speed of rotation of each of the forming drums, the cooling tunnel belt speed, as well as the speed of slitting and transverse cutting. Our system has built-in memory that can contain up to 100 recipes.

Our lines consist of the following equipment:

• Syrup preparation system

• Bulk products mixing system

• Forming unit

• Cooling Tunnel

• Slitter device

• Fanning device

• Guillotine cutting machine

• PLC and Touch screen control system

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