One of the most beloved desserts not only in Eastern Europe, but all around the globe, Ptasie Mleczko (Also known as Bird's Milk) is the product, which should be in the product range of each and every confectionery manufacturer.

Peshcherin Food Processing is offering a complete line for manufacturing Bird’s Milk with capacity of 250 up to 1500 kg/h, which we have successfully provided to some of the leading manufacturers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Width of the line we offer could vary between 400 and 1200 mm, satisfying needs of every customer.

The line basically consists of:

• Kitchen for mixing ingredients and cooking bird’s milk mass.

• Forming drum, which is adjustable according to the product’s height and is subject to band’s width as per the customer’s needs.

• Bands lubricating system

• Proving system, which varies according to the line capacity and customer’s production hall and includes water panels for bottom cooling or band heating, automatic band tensioning and installed band washing system.

• Units for longitudinal and cross-belt cutting, which also includes a guillotine with ultrasonic blades.

• Drying tunnel which has thermally insulated covers and the wire-mesh band system for easy washing.

• Turning conveyor, feed track and conveyor belt(s)

• Enrobing machine and cooling tunnel. The model depends on the product capacity.

Our technical team ensure the smooth and timely installation and commissioning, which allows to use the line to its fullest with the maximum profitability for the client. As well as the training for factory staff to ensure a correct and safe handling of the machinery. And due to our spare parts department, you will always be provided with all the necessary components and details of high quality, whenever required.

The purchase of the complete line will not only allow you to produce a high-quality product at a competitive price, but also provides you with a considerable discount comparing to buying one item separately.

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