In order to manufacture Eclairs on an industrial scale, an automated production line is essential.

Peshcherin Food Processing manufactures each line according to the customer’s production needs. Our eclair production lines and can be equipped with vertical or horizontal injection systems, enrobing, icing and seeds/sesame sprinkling system.

Dough products are stacked in a 800 mm wide conveyor belt. The belt moves the semi-finished eclair cakes into the oven for baking.

After leaving the oven, the eclairs are dropped into a chain conveyor to proceed to the dispenser injector.

The dispenser injector fills the eclair cakes with cream. Then, 6 semi-finished eclairs are grouped into a case and moved into the fondant application machine, which ensures its application to the surface of the eclair.

Lastly, the eclairs are moved onto the conveyor of the cooler where they are packed and ready to consume.

The functioning logic of the line is controlled by a PLC with an operator panel interface Touch Screen.

Our production lines offer the following benefits:

• Complete automation of cakes & eclair production

• Ease of cleaning and washing

• Adjustable doses of filling and fondant

• Smooth performance tuning line

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