Peshcherin Food Processing has been manufacturing equipment for food industry since 1998. And for more than 20 years our company has been constantly evolving their know-how production technology as well as expending our product range and delivering our high-quality equipment to the customers all around the world.

Our client

We treasure our client. And we want you to be happy to have us as one of your suppliers, as much as we are happy to have you on our client’s list. We do our best to produce high-performance and sustainable equipment, which will be of long service for our contractors. Our after-sales department will make sure that you will have all the necessary spare parts and our engineering department will never make you wait for a visit of our technician if required.

Our motto



Our private production company was founded in 1998.

The office and production are located in Ukraine, Kyiv in our own separate building. The production areas occupy about 2,500 m2

The number of personnel is more than 50 people. We provide designing, manufacturing, installation, guarantee and post-guarantee service of the equipment for confectionery production. Having in disposition our design office, metal-working machines, vehicle fleet, high-skilled professionals and large experience, we are able to develop and fullfill the most optimal technical and technological solutions for our clients, while also considering their time and budget.

We offer our clients individual machines as well as complete lines, who highly appreciate our quality, flexibility and integrity.

Foundation (1998)

Production Enterprise PESCHERIN was created in 1998


From 2000, the company specializes in the design,manufacture, installation and commissioning of modern equipment for the confectionery industry.


The office and production is located in Ukraine, Kiev, in a separate own building. The production areas occupy about 2,000 m2. The number of personnel is 50 people

(2019) Present Days

We can offer our customers individual machines as well as complete lines. Those customers who already know our equipment highly evaluate its quality, reliability and performance characteristics for the achieved optimal ratio of price – quality.

We aim to produce quality equipment which meets modern requirements and herewith remains quickly paid off for our customers. For production of our equipment we use our own and international experience, accumulated knowledge, current trends and the best components from European manufacturers.

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