Vertical cooling cabinet (Paternoster) meant for cooling of products in polycarbonate or silicone moulds.2
Cooling cabinet are projecting individually proceeding of required productivity, size of moulds and technological modes.

Description of the work:

3Moulds enter in the cabinet on the conveyor, which is synchronized with the previous equipment and fill level of vertical chain conveyor. 4Moulds hold abreast on metal corners of the two sides, attached to the four branches of the chain. After filling level by the programmed number of moulds level automatically rises up one step and start filling moulds the next level of conveyor. In the top mould’s position which are on the one abreast moving by pusher with pneumatic actuator on a neighboring vertical chain conveyor and start step-by-step go down. In the lower level of moulds are unloaded from the cabinet by transport conveyor, submitting moulds to subsequent equipment.

Cooling cabinet has air-cooling and is divided into two temperature zones with separate evaporators:

- first zone: vertical chain conveyor, rises up the moulds,
- second zone: vertical chain conveyor, lowering down the moulds.5
Each evaporator equipped with fans for forced air circulation in the camera, having a function of reverse rotation, which makes it possible regulate the temperature in the top and bottom of the cooling cabinet.
Program-logical management of cabinet with external operator panel makes possible to program the time of cooling, temperature of cooling and productivity by the quantities of moulds in a cabinet. To comply with the technological requirements – all of this parameters are adjusted separately and allow perform the necessary technological modes with various productivity.