The line is designed for the production of single- and double-layered jelly, fondant and liqueur chocolates with casting the centers into starch. The line is suitable for the production of marmalade, liqueur chocolates, fondant, fruit and jelly sorts, sweets like "Korovka", marshmallow.

The line includes the double-head casting machine with a system of filling trays with the starch (tray size 390 * 790 mm) and a stamping unit.

Stamp for shaping chocolates is used for forming cells in starch. The stamp is made of such material, which excludes the adhesion of the starch. We can develop and manufacture the stamp in accordance with Customer requirements.

Each of the casting heads, of the depositor has the opportunity to fill 20 cells in starch. Due to the possibility of division of storage working bins heads it is possible to simultaneously produce two types of chocolates across the width of the line.


  • Stamping device complete with stamps
  • 2 pcs. of the casting head with bin, equipped with a water jacket and made of stainless steel. 10 pistons for weight casting.
  • Device for blowing the product after starch.
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 4  5

Tray size 390 х 790 mm

For work in the one shift is necessary up to 6000 trays (by 48 hours ageing).

Electricity supply:


380, 3+N



Power frequency, Hz.


Nominal power consumption, not more than kW.


gear motor of the stamping device, kW
gear motor with drive, kW
pump, kW
Heaters, kW


0.55 0.55
1.5 1.5
0.065 0.065
2 2

Weight, kg

650 / 700 maximum

Overall dimensions, mm 





4520 / 5350

800 / 800

1900 / 1900