Decorator is designed for the decorative patterning with the chocolate and confectionary glaze on the surface of the glazed or non-glazed product.  

The model range consists of machines to work on the lines with the width of the mesh or belt in 420, 620, 820, 1050, 1300 and 1500 mm.

We offer the following decorators:



It allows creating the decorative patterns in the form of stripes, zigzags, loops-like, wave-shaped and including a figure eight (8) design.


The patterning adjustment is carried out in a manual way by the frequency regulation of the engine, gearbox and eccentrics.

The position of the head in the vertical direction is adjusted by 4 pins. 

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It allows creating the decorative patterns in the form of stripes and zigzags.


This decorator has one variable frequency drive and design that can operate at high speeds and make up to 500 OSCILLATIONS PER MINUTE.

The decorator is equipped with comfortable adjustable head position in the vertical direction.


  • Electric heated head with automatic control of temperature maintenance.
  • The system with the mechanical cleaning of nozzles with the pneumatic drive.  
  • The frequency of cleaning operation is programmed via the control panel.
  • The location of nozzles is performed in accordance to the location and separation of the product into rows on the belt.
  • By replacing the easily removable head of the decorator is possible quick and easy changeover for different product with a large difference in size and with different rows on the belt.
  • Easily removable nozzles. Complete with decorator can be supplied nozzles with different diameters for optimum adjustment of the form pattern and working with different glazes.
  • 18The feeding of the glaze to the head of decorators is carried out by circulating scheme with a partial return to the supply container.
  • Decorators can be not only free-standing, independent, located at the entrance to the cooling tunnel or on a separate conveyor belt, but also can be built inside the enrobing machine. It is possible to install the decorator at the exit of the enrobing machine, which allows coating the gap between the shank of the enrobing machine and the cutting knife of the cooling tunnel.