Enrobing  machine, of 6th generation have technological features and complement, which are directed to operate on high-speed lines with using natural chocolate with high content of cocoa butter or equivalents.

To comply with modern, high standards of hygiene the machine is made entirely of stainless steel, has a with drivable on both sides bath and easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

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Structurally, the bath consists of two zones, this allows you to not stir tempered chocolate with waste chocolate. There are also two independent heating circuit water jackets (in the bath and on the slide-ways), which is connected through a heat exchanger circuit of cold water. With this it becomes possible to maintain the temperature of the chocolate with accuracy up 0,5 ° C

The quality of enrobing process is provided by double

curtainupper flowing with the ability to control it in the vertical and longitudinal directions, bottom enrobing drum with frequency adjustable drive and the ability to reverse, high-performance blower, smoothing drum, the vibrating section and the reversible de-tail unit with direct drive. 

High-performance blower has the ability to adjust the height and the direction of the air on the product. The fan is equipped with independent frequency-controlled drive to ensure a smooth adjustment of airflow.

For shaking of mesh used vibration station with pneumatic drive and frequency and amplitude adjusting.

Mesh at the exit of the machine encloses the rotating bar, which enables to provide a high quality enrobing bottom and work with the product of the minimum size.

The given machines are as standard supplied with the pump for chocolate circulation by the external circuit.

Control is realized via a color touch screen panel of the operator on the swing arm. It has three levels of personnel access and allows to store in the memory up to 100 recipes.

The modular design of the machine provides the customer with an opportunity at any time to fit machine by additional optional equipment:

  • The built-decorator
  • System clamp light products
  • Upheaval system of product after enrobing
  • The second blower
  • The second watering

Additional shaft bottom glazing

№  Descriptions Width of mesh
 620  820 1050  1300   1500
1  Power consumption, кV 11  12,5 14 18 19 
Compressed air, 5 bar, m3/h  4 8
Сold water+100С, m3/h 0,2  0,25  0,4  0,4  0,5 
Overall dimensions          
  Width, B 1300 1500  1800  2150  2350 
  Length, L 2000  2000  2500  2700  2700 
  Height, H 2100 2100  2100  2300  2300 
5 Weight, kg 1300  1600  1900  2200  2500 
Speed of mesh, m/min (to customer additionally) 1...15