Our company pays great attention to a quality of product and to obtain it very important is cooling. Proper cooling of chocolate products gives glossy surface, taste and long shelf life.
Our model range consists of variety of cooling tunnels with standard belt width 420, 620, 820, 1050, 1300 and 1500 mm. The length of the tunnel is performed refrigeration based on customer requirements.


Excellent quality of product cooling provided high accuracy of the temperature in the tunnel and the presence of three temperature cooling zones.
The presence of different modes of cooling products such as convection, static and combined gives you the opportunity to work with any product, and modular design - high flexibility of the cooling tunnel and, if necessary, change the length in the future.

Application of modern refrigeration units from European manufacturers allows to obtain high efficiency and economy.
Ability to execution as a standard installation with the use of refrigeration compressor and the evaporator inside the tunnel, and execution from an external source of cold water. The customer can choose the most convenient for him execution and location of units to obtain the most optimal and cost-effective operation of cooling tunnel.

In a special execution cooling tunnels can be of any width and conveyor equipped with a conveyor belt or conveyor wiremeshtransporter, modular belt, chains and others.


Three temperature zones of cooling

  • Entry part of tunnel
  • Central part of tunnel
  • Exit part of tunnel

Allow to choose following modes of operations:

  • Convection
  • Static (radiation)
  • Combined

Cooling machine:

  • Assembled on a base of hermetic or semihermetic compressor with higher capacity air or water cooled condenser.
  • The precision of the temperature maintenance is carried out by adjusting of compressor capacity via bypass.
  • Machine is equipped with oil separation, all necessary filters and condensation pressure adjusting.
  • Compressor-condenser unit can be placed in any place upon customer demands.
  • Product bottom cooling is carried out by airflow or water cooled when water panelsare used.

Heatexchanger (evaporator):

  • Is situated in the central part o ftunnel.
  • Tray for collecting condensate has the pipe to take away condensate outside of tunnel.
  • Centrifugal or axial fans for effective air circulation.


  • Both sides opening
  • Sealing is done by industrial rubber profile
  • Covers is made from stainless steel with foaming polyurethane 40 mm insulation

Entry transporter

  • Height adjustable.
  • Nose bar.
  • Automatic centering with pneumatic drive.
  • Sensors of the emergency off-tracking of the belt.
  • Emergency stop buttons.








The high adjustable blinds
there are on a entry and exit
of cooling tunnels







Driving station

  • Nose bar.
  • Automatic belt tension with pneumatic drive.
  • Automatic belt centering with pneumatic drive.
  • FDA approved rubber vulcanized driving drum with frequency adjustable drive.
  • Sensors of emergency off-tracking of the belt.
  • Scrappers for belt cleaning before driving drum and on the first roller.
  • Easy removable trays for collecting crumbles.
  • Emergency stop buttons.

Bottom cooling is provided

  • with airflow or watercooled whenwaterpanels are used

Base frame:

  • Stiff and strong frame, made of painted steel pipes or of stainless steel (option).
  • The height adjustable legs and special design for easy cleaning.

Central section:

  • Easy detachable panels for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Special design of the airducts for effective distribution of airflows.
  • At the large length of the cooling tunnel there can be several central sections.
  • The knobs of switching the modes of cooling are situated on the outside for operator`s comfort.
  • On entry and exit of cooling tunnels there are height adjustable blinds.

Possible options:

  • Operation on cool water from chiller
  • Air flow speed variable drive
  • moveable nose bars
  • Humidity control
  • Band washing and drying systems
  • Band surface oiling systems
  • Система смазки ленты
  • Customize length of in and out parts of tunnel
  • Band separation

Transport belt:

  • Can be delivered as for standard application with PU belt so for difficult products – with a silicon surface belt.
  • The belt with standard engraving or with drawing upon customer`s wish is possible
  • For cooling of some kinds of product the tunnel be equipped with metal wire mesh instead of standard belt